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Buffalo 53" Traditional Mongolian Horse Bow Archery Recurve Longbow 30-50lbs With 1 Pc Thumb Ring

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Name: Buffalo Traditional Mongolian Horse Bow 30-50lbs With 1 Pc Thumb Ring- SKU BWCTHYG
*Get worth $6.49 free gifts: 1 piece of quality brown thumb ring!

Buffalo Traditional Mongolian Horse Bow Introduction:
Brand: TopArchery
Brace height: 6.3-7.1 inches (16-18 cm)
Max Security Draw length: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
Draw weight: 30/35/40/45/50 lbs
Length: approximate 53.19 inches (135 cm) (varies with draw weight)
Weight: 500 g
Bowstring length:
- 48.07 inches (122 cm) for 30 lbs
- 47.28 inches (120 cm) for 35 lbs
- 53.58 inches (136 cm) for 40 lbs
- 52.80 inches (134 cm) for 45 lbs
- 49.64 inches (126 cm) for 50 lbs
The tail of this bow is made of robinia acuminata wood, and bow limbs are made of high elasticity transparent epoxy resin sheet.
Suitable for both left hand and right hand shooters.
Please note that this bow is not a toy. Children under 14 years old require adult supervision.

Package: 1 recurve bow with bowstring and thumb ring

Buffalo Traditional Mongolian Horse Bow Features:
* A great little ambidextrous traditional looking makes it stand out among most of today's mechanical bows.
* Mostly fiberglass as the limbs, but the tips are made of wood.
* Easy to string and fires great!
* Light weight and easy to carry and maneuver in the forest.
* Sometimes we will prestrung the bow with a piece of Paracord to protec the bow's shape during transportation. The bow comes with a real red-black bowstring.
* To master traditional archery requires work, but with a well-made bow with flexible limbs and a solid riser and hours of practice, marksmanship is attainable.
* Recommend getting a forearm guard and thumb protector.
* This is an excellent beginner horse bow.

* Don't dry firing a bow.
* It's normal for a new bow with popping and cracking sound on draw back,just draw it a few times and it will stop.
* Accuracy depends on many factors that have more to do with arrow quality and archer ability, so it's inappropriate to rate the accuracy of the bow.

More Information
Brand TopArchery
Free Delivery Yes
Dexterity Ambidextrous
Bow Length 53" (135cm)
Draw Length 80cm/31.5"
Draw Weight 30lbs/35lbs/40lbs/45lbs/50lbs
Color Multi-Colored
Materials Wood
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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