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Archery Takedown Straight Limb Bow And Arrow Set For Pratice


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Package include:
1 40lbs bow
6 pcs carbon arrows
1 arrow quiver
1 bowfishing spincast reel and seat holder
1 bow stabilizer
1 triangle brush arrow rest

Bow length: 53"
Draw weight: 40lbs
Draw length: 28"
Bow weight: 1.14kg
Color: black
SKU: BWLBTZ40BL-03LBGPBL40-04JS812BL (click here for more information)

Material: carbon
Length: 31"
Diameter: 7.8mm
Spine: 500
SKU: AWTJ06H (click here for more information)

Material: plastic&rubber
Capacity: 5 arrows
Length: 13"
Color: black
SKU: ACKCJH01BL (click here for more information)

Bow stabilizer
Material: rubber
Color: black

Spincast reel
Size: 10*9*7cm
Weight: 150g
Gear Ratio: 3.1:1
Line Capacity: 0.33#/35m
Color: red

Reel Seat Holder
Length: 17cm
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 400g
SKU: SACSYKZ01BL (click here for more information)

More Information
Brand IRQ Archery
Free Delivery Yes
Color Multi-Colored
Materials Other
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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