Otter Fur Bow String Silencer for Recurve Bow Longbow One Pair


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Outter fur bow string silencers
Durable water resistant
Easy to install
Outter fur is the number one choice for traditional archers when they want a quiet recurve or longbow.
Material: Outter fur
Fit for: Traditonal Longbow recurve bow

How to install:
1. To install simply separate your unstrung bowstring strands in half, insert one end of silencer about 10 inches from limb tip, wrap around the bowstring in the direction of the twist and insert the other end the same way.
2. Repeat these steps on the other end and restring your bow.

Package includes:
1 pair otter fur.
Sold by pairs
The bows and other decoration items are not included.

* Very fluffy and effectively reduced string noice.
* The sound reduction is fantastic, there is just no string twang anymore. It is ninja-silent on your recurve!
* We've got about 1000 test shots on these and they are holding up fine.
* High quality and you'll be impressed with the generous length and softness.
* The length of the strips are overkill and not necessary to silence the bow and you then have enough for 2 bows. Some of our customers would recommend cutting each strip in half and using the smaller strips as well as trimming down the fur to a smaller ball after installed.
* Using the full length strips without trimming the ball size after install noticeably slows the FPS.
* Easy to install, there are videos on youtube to show you how.
* They are super soft and the black/white color looks really cool and traditional on your string.
* Looks beautiful on the string if you take the time to put it on neatly and symmetrically.
* Also water repellent.
* These install and function just like the mountain man beaver balls. The difference is that these are much larger, and look much nicer on the string!
* Got this installed on your recurve bow, then you'll love how they look and they make the bow strings so quiet.

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Brand IRQ Archery
Free Delivery Yes
Color Black
Materials Rex Rabbit fur
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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